Major events

Attendees at teh 2017 non-academic career conference

Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings and events, the following events may be held virtually or postponed for the 2020-2021 academic year.

In addition to the many regularly offered workshops, GRADventure and campus partners hold several full-day or special events on specific topics. Lunch is usually provided at these events, and they often include a keynote speaker, multiple workshops and opportunities to network with your peers. Review the following list for details regarding the routinely offered major events: 

Academic Career Conference: Hosted by the Centre for Career Action, the Academic Career Conference is held annually in October. This full-day conference, open to PhD students and postdocs, will help to better prepare you for the academic work search, including document and interview preparation as well as advice and insights from faculty members. For more details, visit the 2019 Academic Career Conference event page. 

Dissertation Boot Camp: Hosted by the Writing and Communication Centre (WCC), Dissertation Boot Camp is designed to help dissertation writers get a jump start on meeting their writing goals. The program combines dedicated writing time, goal setting and writing strategy sessions, and one-on-one meetings with our writing specialists. Online, intensive, and sustained (weekly) options are available. For more details, visit the WCC's Dissertation Book Camp web page. 

Rock your Thesis: Get ready to write: Hosted by the Writing and Communication Centre (WCC), Rock your Thesis: Get ready to write (previously known as Fundamentals for Writing your Thesis) is a three-part program that will guide graduate students through the first phases of planning and writing a thesis or dissertation. For more details regarding topics covered, please visit the WCC's Rock your Thesis: Get ready to write webpage. 

Graduate LaTeX-Writing Workshop: This full-day workshop for graduate students is an introduction to LaTeX, giving you the basics that you need to know to get going on writing academic and professional papers, including your thesis. The LaTeX workshop is typically held in the fall term. For full workshop details, please visit the 2019 LaTeX-Writing workshop event page. 

GRADventure Professional Skills Conference: Launched in 2019, this conference is designed to better prepare graduate students and postdocs for careers outside of academia by focusing on key skill areas sought after by employers. Not ready to think about your next step yet? Don’t worry. This conference emphasizes skills that will help you succeed now, while you’re doing research at Waterloo, and later, in your future career. visit the GRADventure Professional Skills Conference web page to learn more. 

Intellectual Property (IP), Commercialization and Copyright: GRADventure, in collaboration with the Library and the Office of Research, has held several events to help graduate students and postdocs understand IP, commercialization and copyright issues related to publishing and commercializing your research. For more details on the topics covered at past IP, Commercialization and Copyright events, visit the 2018 event page for Commercialize your Research, or the 2017 event page for Research matters: Copyright, intellectual property, commercialization and negotiating authorship.

Non-Academic Career Conference: Hosted by GRADventure, in collaboration with the Centre for Career Action, this full-day conference was designed to better prepare PhD students and postdocs for careers outside of academia. Due to the success of the Non-Academic Career Conference, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Office has expended this event and is thrilled to announce the GRADventure Professional Skills Conference. For more details, visit the GRADventure Professional Skills Conference event page.

Professionalism in Context: New in 2018-2019, with funding from Waterloo International, professionalism in context is a workshop series designed to address both intercultural understanding and professionalism in the Canadian context. For a list and description of workshop topics, please visit the Professionalism in Context webpage. 

Research Matters: Getting Published: This full-day event, offered by GRADventure in collaboration with the Library and the Writing and Communication Centre (WCC), offers graduate students and postdoctoral fellows an overview of the world of academic publishing. This event is typically held in January. For details regarding the day of schedule, visit the 2018 Research Matters: Getting Published event page. 

Speak like a Scholar: Hosted by the Writing and Communication Centre (WCC), Speak Like a Scholar is a 20-hour intensive workshop designed to help doctoral students develop their voices as independent scholars and give effective academic presentations with confidence. For more details, visit the WCC's Speak Like a Scholar web page.