The University of Waterloo is pleased to accept applications from excellent Chilean students who will be applying for the National Research and Development Agency, ANID, scholarships (formerly CONICYT).

Chile graduate student application information:

  • Minimum admission requirements include a 5.5/7 standing overall. Certification of English language proficiency (ELP) through one of the accepted examinations is required.
  • Contact ANID for scholarship information and assistance.
  • On January 1, 2020, CONICYT became the National Research and Development Agency (ANID).

Applying to Waterloo

  1. Within the Other Information section of the graduate online application, under International Agreements, choose your sponsorship agreement from the drop-down menu. Chile: ANID
  2. If you are applying with a sponsorship that includes funding for English language studies, conditional admission may be offered. Learn more about sponsorships with English Language Training.


  • The sponsorship documentation must detail the approved program, financial support amount and the number of years the funding has been granted (a minimum of two years for a master’s research program and a minimum of four years for a PhD program).
  • Please refer to Arranging your fees with a third-party sponsorship on the Finance website for the information required in the official sponsorship documentation. If there is any change in your funding situation, the University of Waterloo may re-evaluate your Offer of Admission, and reserves the right to withdraw your Offer of Admission or withdraw you from your graduate program.