Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs is pleased to announce this year's GRADflix finalists! 

Interested in learning more about graduate research on campus? Join us for the GRADflix Showcase on Jan 15 where the finalists' videos will be screened, winners announced and prizes awarded. The audience members will vote to decide who should win the People’s choice award!

Registration is required to attend the GRADflix showcase; reserve your ticket today!

Join us in congratulating the following graduate students: 

2020 GRADflix finalists

First name Last name Video title Faculty  Department
Megan Schmidt #GenerationRestoration: Peatlands and greenhouse gases Environment Geography & Environmental Management
Teghan  Barton Anne Shirley as a historical figure Arts History
Adrienne  Mason Art as an interface for watershed system resiliency  Environment School of Environment, Resources & Sustainability
Kelsey Rose  Dawson Clay shapes the hand Engineering School of Architecture 
Qian (David) Liang Code clones refactoring in test suites Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering
Marie Racioppa Competition between bees Environment School of Environment, Resources & Sustainability
Michelle  Anagnostou Crime convergence and the illegal wildlife trade Environment Geography & Environmental Management
Faraz Forghani Designing better pavements in Canada Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering
Hayden Bulbrook Giving life to cities: Digital history and the rebuilding of Munich Arts History
Yusof   Ghiasi GPS-Reflectometry Environment Geography & Environmental Management
Andrew J.  Wiebe Groundwater recharge uncertainty Science Earth & Environmental Sciences
Mohammad S.  Parsa Identifying students’ mental health issues using social media mining Engineering Management Sciences
Marvin Pafla Explainable AI … and cats Engineering Systems Design Engineering
Muhammad Saad Price prediction with machine learning Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering
Hasan Ahmet  Gokce Magazine project for newcomer children Arts English Language & Literature
Isabel  Hilgendag Mercury in the Arctic Science Biology
Pamela  Hopwood Older women in low-income, physically demanding work Applied Health Sciences School of Public Health and Health Systems
Mostafa  AbdelAziz Real-time viewing of electromigration Engineering Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering
Sadaf Faisal Use of smart technology for medication management Science School of Pharmacy
Sara Wyngaarden Supporting rural livelihoods: Lessons from Honduran youth Applied Health Sciences School of Public Health and Health Systems
Osezua  Ibhadode Topology optimization for additive manufacturing (3D-printing) Engineering Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering
Ming Xiaomeng Xu Understanding pedestrians' behaviour through smartphone data  Environment School of Planning
Samira  Mehrabi Virtual reality exergames to promote physical activity & well-being in mild cognitive impairment/dementia Applied Health Sciences Kinesiology
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