Recapping important COVID-19 information

Thursday, September 30, 2021

On September 30 the following email was shared with the campus community

To: University of Waterloo community

From: University of Waterloo Communications

Subject: Recapping important COVID-19 information

Over the last two weeks, we’ve shared some important updates about our operational plans as we look to expand in-person experiences for everyone this fall and beyond. We’ve shared the most important updates with you by email, but you might have missed some changes that we shared online. This email is a quick recap of the information you might have missed.
Winter term 2022

Mandatory vaccination requirement

  • We clarified details of our mandatory vaccination requirement including information on the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Individuals deemed or found to be non-compliant will face progressive remedial action consistent with appropriate University of Waterloo policies. In all cases of non-compliance, access to campus will be limited and individuals must complete a mandatory training module. 
  • We have been emailing anyone who is non-compliant to remind individuals to submit their proof of vaccination or apply for an accommodation before October 17. Since September 7, you are not permitted on campus if you have not provided proof of vaccination or applied for an accommodation 


  • We shared more details on our accommodation process including new frequently asked questions to help individuals understand when and how to apply for accommodations for the mandatory vaccination policy.
  • You can submit accommodation requests using the Campus Check-In Proof of Vaccination survey.

Contractors, visitors and volunteers

  • Contractors, service providers and visitors to the University’s campuses who are vaccine-eligible (currently those born during or before 2009) are required to be vaccinated and must declare their vaccination status in Campus Check-In. Some exclusions apply.
  • Full details on procedures for contractors and volunteers are available online.
  • Employees who hire contractors or service providers must notify them of this requirement before they come to campus. 

Provincial vaccine passport on campus

Domestic travel

  • Domestic travel is now permitted if it essential and safe.
  • Approvals for domestic travel are returning to pre-pandemic approval arrangements, typically by a Department Head or Chair.

International travel

Currently, travel for exchange is restricted until April 30, 2022. Students who we have determined will need to travel before this date have received messages that they will not be able to move forward with their planned term.

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