Seeking PhD candidates to teach an interdisciplinary course

Monday, October 30, 2023

The Wicked Problem of Precarity: Living in an Uncertain World

As part of the University’s strategic plans to develop talent for a complex world and focus on interdisciplinary scholarship, a team of PhD candidates will come together in winter 2024 to design, develop and offer a course related to contemporary Wicked Problems. Wicked problems are those that are complex, multifaceted solutions and often characterized by social, economic, and political challenges. The pilot course, offered in spring 2024, will focus on the Wicked Problem of Precarity: Living in an Uncertain World. The course will be offered to upper-year undergraduate students from across the University to create a community of scholars, sharing different perspectives from the PhD candidate instructors and the learners in the classroom.

We know there are brilliant doctoral researchers across the University who are immersed in studying precarity from interdisciplinary perspectives, addressing research on poverty, homelessness, housing scarcity, and food insecurity, all of which are contributing to a future defined by precarity. Many of these researchers may also welcome the opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary teaching team that will provide undergraduate students with a classroom experience where the academic content spans disciplinary boundaries.

We encourage PhD candidates studying precarity to apply using the online application form – details found on The Wicked Problem of Precarity: Living in an Uncertain World website. The deadline to apply is Monday, November 13 has been extended to Friday, November 17.