Student Response System (iClicker/REEF)

Student Response Systems are in-class response systems that can be used to interact with and engage your students. Currently, iClicker Classic 7.19 and iClicker Cloud are supported at the University of Waterloo.

iClicker Classic Software Setup

If you plan to use the desktop computer in the classroom, you will need to download the software and save it to a USB drive. Otherwise, you can download it to the laptop you will be bringing to the classroom to teach. This iClicker software contains iClicker/Waterloo LEARN integration files.

Install the Software

Download iClicker Classic Software (Windows)

If you are using MacOS, please contact for assistance.

Create a Course

Once files are extracted, click on the iClicker application file.

Screenshot of iclicker file structure

The "Welcome to iClicker" screen will open. Click the Create button to create a new course.

Screenshot indicating the Create button

Add your course name and click the Create button.

Screenshot indicating where the course name is entered.

Course Setup

Now that your course is created, you can choose it by highlighting your new course and clicking the Settings button.

Screenshot indicating the Settings button.

Gradebook Settings

If you want to sync your iClicker Classic roster and/or scores with Waterloo LEARN, you need to adjust the iClicker Classic Gradebook settings. This will allow iClicker Classic to import your class roster and export your iClicker Classic scores in a format that Waterloo LEARN can read.

Open a web browser and login to Waterloo LEARN first. This will make the rest of the process run more smoothly.

Return to the iClicker Classic software and go to the Gradebook tab. In the Learning Management System (LMS) section, the LMS name should already be Desire2Learn.

Click on the Select Course button to find your course in Waterloo LEARN.

Screenshot of Gradebook tab in iClicker settings

You will then login to Waterloo LEARN and a window will open that will allow you to select your course. Highlight the course name that you want to associate this iClicker Classic course with and click the Select button. Click Save.

iClicker Registration in your Waterloo LEARN Course

Students can use an iClicker in your course without registering it first, but it will need to be registered for them to receive any grades associated with the iClicker. Students enrolled in the same Waterloo LEARN course shell cannot share an iClicker, as only one of the students will get credit for the iClicker grades.

To Setup the Registration Page:

Go to: Content.

Within a Module, click Add Existing Activities and Select External Learning Tools.

Screenshot highlighting the External Learning Tools link.

Then Select iClicker Registration.

Screenshot highlighting the iClicker Registration link.

This will add a link to a page where students can Register or update their iClicker information.

Screenshot displaying the iClicker Registration link in the course.

This is the page the students will see where they can enter their iClicker id to register:

Screenshot of the student view of the Registration Page.

iClicker Cloud

The main difference between iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud is that the polling results received via iClicker Classic are kept locally on your laptop or usb drive, whereas the polling results received via iClicker Cloud are accessed via a cloud-based software that can be accessed with an Internet connection. Both iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud can obtain student responses from either a student's personal device, or an iClicker remote (as long as you have an iClicker base), depending on the settings you use.

The iClicker web site offers a comparison between the two tools.

If you choose to use the iClicker Cloud software, contact for help setting up the software and the sync with Waterloo LEARN.

To enable iClicker REEF in your iClicker Classic software

Open iClicker, select your course, and click on the Settings button. Go to the Mobile tab and click on the Enable button.

Screenshot indicating the Enable REEF Polling button.

Click on the Create Account button, otherwise login using your iClicker credentials.

Screenshot indicating the Create Account button.

Enter your personal info and click the Create button.

Screenshot of REEF account info

Enter a Course Name and indicate whether you want a screen captures to be sent to your students' personal devices. Also enter a start and end date for your class, usually the first and last day of term. Click on the Create button.

Note: If you allow students to view screen captures of the questions they will also be able to access the questions and screen captures after the polling session has completed and can be used as a study guide.

Screenshot indicating what info needs to be added to the REEF course setup page.

iClickers in the Classroom

See Chapter 2, Use i>clicker in Class in the iClicker User Guide provided with the iClicker software for instructions on how to poll students in the classroom.

Screenshot of User Guide location in file structure.

Syncing your Class Roster with Waterloo LEARN

Open a web browser and login to Waterloo LEARN first. This will make the rest of the process run more smoothly.

Open the iClicker Classic Software.

Highlight the course that you want to sync the roster with and click on the Open Gradebook button.

Screenshot indicating the Open Gradebook button.

Click the Sync Roster button. Login to Waterloo LEARN, prompted.

Screenshot indicating the Sync Roster button.

Note: Registered iClickers will NOT sync with students until at least one polling session has been completed. Once you have completed a polling session, you can run the Sync process again to sync the students with their iClicker remotes.

Upload your Grades

Open a web browser and login to Waterloo LEARN first. This will make the rest of the process run more smoothly.

Open the iClicker Classic Software.

Highlight the course that you want to export your scores from and click on the Open Gradebook button.

Click on the Sync Scores button.

Screenshot indicating the Sync Scores button.

Login to Waterloo LEARN, if prompted.

Select the sessions you wish to upload or click on the Select All button to upload all sessions. Then click on the Next button.

Screenshot of the Session Selection screen.

Select your options for how you want the grades to appear in your Waterloo LEARN Gradebook and click on the Upload button.

Screenshot of the Upload Scores options screen.

If you have chosen that each session will be a separate entry, they will appear in your Waterloo LEARN Gradebook as sessions:

Screenshot indication the Session 1 Grade Item added to LEARN course.

Whereas, if you have chosen an aggregate total, the Grade Item in Waterloo LEARN will be labelled as 'Aggregate Total'.