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Study room guidelines

Booking a study room

Study room accessibility

Important details about booking

Study room use

Effective winter term 2020, study rooms A and B in the Dana Porter Library Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC), and study room E in the Davis Centre Library are open to students who are not registered with AccessAbility Services (AS), but have met with library staff and have a Library Accessibility Services (LAS) accommodation plan.

If you think you may benefit from what the ATC and/or LAS have to offer, please fill out the Library Accessibility Services request form.

The ATC is located in the Dana Porter Library, main floor room 251.

Please note: Previously, study room use was available only for AS-registered students with approval from their advisors. Now, students who do not have AS advisor-approval and wish to use the study rooms need only meet with library accessibility staff to be registered.

Study room guidelines


  • AccessAbility Services-registered students with approval from their advisors (prior to winter 2020 term)
  • AS-registered students who meet with LAS coordinator and qualifies to be registered (winter 2020 term on)
  • Any student who meets with LAS Coordinator and qualifies to be registered (winter 2020 term on)

Terms of use

  • Study rooms A, B and E are meant for students who:
    • use or require screen reader and/or voice to text assistive technology
    • use a tutor
    • require individual, silent study

Please note: Disability disclosure is voluntary, and not required to qualify under terms of use.

Booking a study room:

Book study rooms A and B in the ATC by going to the LAS study room bookings page.

If you have any difficulty navigating the site,

  • contact LAS via AskUs.
  • visit the Student Help desk (across from Browsers Cafe on main floor, Dana Porter Library)

 Study room accessibility:

  • Study rooms A, B and E, plus all library group study rooms accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Aside from study room E, single study rooms in the Davis Centre Library do not accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Study room E in the Davis Centre Library, and other single and group study rooms throughout all Libraries can be booked by going to the Library's online study rooms booking page.

    Important details about booking

    • Bookings must be done ahead of time. Maximum booking time for study rooms A, B, and E is four hours per day per person (three hours for all other library study rooms). Longer times are possible with a recommendation from your AccessAbility Services advisor, or permission from library staff.
    • To obtain study ATC room A or B keys, you must visit the Porter Circulation desk. If computer files show that your are not registered with LAS, you will be directed to contact LAS staff to become registered.
    • Return your ATC study room A and B keys promptly to the Circulation desk at the end of your booking, so it is available for the next student. Failure to return the study room key may result in privileges being revoked.
    • Please report any problems with equipment or any other concerns to LAS via AskUs, or visit the Circulation desk if the problem is urgent.