Commitment and responsibilities

The University of Waterloo Library will provide notices in event of planned or unexpected significant disruption in services typically used by persons with disabilities, including:

  • ramps
  • doors
  • automatic door openers
  • elevators
  • accessible washrooms
  • Adaptive Technology Centre


Planned disruption:

  1. fill out signage request form and check "Informational (instructions, service disruptions, etc.)" under "Type of sign"
  2. include information about reasons for disruption, anticipated duration, and description of alternate facilities and services, if available
  3. post in different places and formats for full customer access, e.g.:
    • public entrances

    • next to disrupted service

    • service counters

    • websites

    • phone-answering services

Unexpected disruption:

  • write notice in bold lettering (no all-caps) on contrasting background using plain language
  • follow steps 2-3 for planned disruption (websites, phone-answering services posting last steps, if necessary)

Document action(s) taken

Patron procedures


  • doors
  • automatic door openers
  • elevators
  • accessible washrooms
  • Adaptive Technology Centre

Notify any Library staff or volunteer 


  • Public entrances
    • automatic door openers
  • Ramps

If available:

  • Notify any Library staff and/or volunteer 

If not available:

  • Contact systems help desk: 519-888-4567 x42405 (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm)
    • back-up contact: facilities management - 519-888-3456 x32649


If ramp leading to front entrance impassible due to build-up of snow, other debris, etc.

  • Patrons may use ramp at side entrance (across from Needles Hall)
  • Alarm will go off when try to open door, alerting staff/volunteer
  • Staff/volunteer meets patron to let them in
  • If ramp remains impassible when patron ready to exit Library, visit or contact systems help desk or facilities management (15 minutes notice)
    • staff at circulation or information desk may also assist