2017 orthoimagery was received June 2018 from the Geospatial Competency Centre, Mapping Services, City of Toronto. Imagery was taken March 23rd, April 13th , 23rd, 24th and covers the entire City of Toronto. The full colour imagery has a resolution of 8 cm ground pixel and consists of 3,797 tiles each covering an area of 0.5 km2.

Extent of orthoimagery

A detailed index (PDF) provides the four digit identifying number for each .5 km tile.

2017 orthoimagey index

Spatial reference and data type

Coordinate system for these georeferenced tiled orthos is Modified Transfer Mercator (MTM) zone 10, North American Datum (NAD) 1927. Average file size for each tile  is 7 MB, and the entire set is 74 GB.

Data access

To request this data, please fill out the Ask-Us form and include which layers (shapefiles) you are interested in obtaining. The dataset will be shared with you via OneDrive upon completion of the data release agreement form. You may also make an in-person appointment using the same form.

Use restrictions/licensing/copyright

These data are provided for personal use for academic, research, and/or teaching purposes. A data release agreement must be agreed to before these licensed data can be released. The City of Toronto Geospatial Competency Centre must be acknowledged on any derivative product, whether printed or electronic, including for example, a printed map, a raster or vector graphic, a web-based application, etc. Patrons are advised to fully respect the provisions of Canada's Copyright Act as well as terms and conditions imposed by the data provider.


2017 orthoimagery [computer file], Geospatial Competency Centre, Mapping Services, City of Toronto, Ontario 2017

CN tower (2017 image)

Data courtesy of the Geospatial Compentency Centre, City of Toronto