Geographic Information System (GIS) library instruction and workshops

This page details all of the upcoming library workshops provided by the Geospatial Centre. If you are interested in maps, aerial photographs, Geographic Information System (GIS) and geospatial data, then our instructional program may be of interest to you. All information sessions are offered to University of Waterloo faculty, students and staff. 

Instructional programs

Our instructional programs are most often GIS-related, however any cartographic theme can be arranged. Currently, our Geospatial information literacy program includes seminars, demonstrations and hands-on workshops designed to teach faculty, students and staff how to locate, utilize and evaluate geospatial resources. The library encourages users to gain the skills necessary to independently and successfully research, acquire and utilize the abundance of information available to them. The library will also assist in providing the skills necessary to use GIS-related software. Below are some of the programs that we offer:

  • in-class content and course-specific seminars tailored to the needs of the course,
  • outside of class course-specific workshops tailored to the needs of your course,
  • theme or software-specific hands-on workshops,
  • interdisciplinary general GIS-information seminars, and
  • library tours.

Other instructional services include:

  • collection of online resources and learning tools, and
  • collection of online and printed instructional guides.

Instruction schedule

GIS-related online learning resources