Air photos digitization project

The Geospatial Centre air photo collection consists of paper images from 1930-2000. An interactive map shows the extent and years of coverage.

Images of the Region of Waterloo for the years 1930s-1960s are available through the Air Photos Digitization Project

1967 and 1971 photomaps have been digitized and recently made available.

new interface has also been developed permitting image downloads of all the years. 1970s-2000 are available upon request. These photos mainly cover the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and adjacent areas. City of Guelph Historical Photos, 1930s-1960s, our also available online. Our most complete coverage of southern Ontario can be found in the 1978 Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) collection. The library has a large collection of recent digital orthoimagery available. We also have a small collection of satellite images.