Building heights: Risk Management Solutions Incorporated (RMSI) Global data


This building height data was received from Risk Management Solutions Incorporated (RMSI) global in the spring/summer of 2010 and 2020 and covers the core areas of several key cities across Canada. The list of cities is available below.  3D Building Height models can be created using Digital Globe's WorldView 1 50 cm satellite imagery. The building heights are +/- 10% of the true heights for 90% of the buildings.

The Geospatial Centre has building height data for these cities:


Spatial reference and data type

These data sets are available in Universal Transvers Mercator (UTM) co-ordinates; horizontal datum is World Geodetic System (WGS) 84, North American Datum (NAD) 83. These data are stored as Esri shapefiles and raster format. Other data formats can be accommodated, as the Geospatial Centre has access to a number of conversion utilities.

Data access

In order to access these data sets, please visit the Geospatial Centre during reference hours. Library reference staff are available to provide further information about these data sets and to deliver data upon request. Under the terms of the library's license agreement, these data sets are for use by students, faculty, and staff at the University of Waterloo only.

Data manipulation

There are public workstations in the Geospatial Centre that provide access to Geographic Information System (GIS) software, program extensions and data manipulation utilities. Patrons may use the GIS software in the library to view and manipulate the data. Waterloo faculty, students and staff may copy these data for use elsewhere.

Data output

These data may be exported from the GIS software as a bitmapped image (e.g., jpg) or may be printed as a map view using one of the library's colour printers.

Use restrictions/licensing/copyright

This material is provided for academic, research, teaching, and personal use only. A data release agreement must be agreed to before the data is delivered. RMSI Global should be acknowledged on any derivative product, such as a map or an image.

Sample view of the data

Sample view of City of Waterloo Building Heights