Also available through Scholars GeoPortal, this vector data resource provides topographic and planning information for the area encompassed by the City of Hamilton.  This includes former cities of Hamilton, Flamborough, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek and Glanbrook. These 2006 - 2024 datasets were provided to the Geospatial Centre by the City of Hamilton. Updated datasets are available via the Open Hamilton website. 

The library has the following coverages:

  • addresses
  • airport boundary
  • arenas
  • beaches
  • bikeways
  • bus stops
  • business improvement areas
  • building footprints
  • cemeteries
  • city boundaries
  • city play lots
  • city pools
  • college/ universities
  • conservation authorities
  • contours (1 metre)
  • digital terrain model (DTM) (10 metre and 20 metre)
  • Direction arrow
  • educational institutions
  • election poll boundaries
  • escarpment
  • fire hydrants
  • fire stations
  • golf courses
  • hospitals
  • lakes
  • land use (2016)
  • libraries
  • long term care facilities
  • major lake fill
  • municipal boundaries
  • municipal services
  • museums/ galleries
  • neighbourhood boundaries
  • neighbourhood speed reduction zones
  • parcels
  • parking lots
  • parks
  • places of worship
  • planning units
  • police stations
  • railways: bridge, line, tunnel
  • recreational community centres
  • Residential care (senior care facilities and retirement homes)
  • rivers
  • road access ramps
  • road intersections
  • roads and road features (i.e. ramps, bridges, tunnels, casings, centre line)
  • schools
  • settlements
  • sewer manhole/ node/ main
  • sewer flow arrows
  • sewer treatment plants
  • shorelines
  • sidewalks
  • trails
  • transit routes
  • transmission lines
  • tree inventory 
  • ward boundaries
  • water hydrants, mains, nodes, valves
  • water mains
  • water reservoirs
  • water storage tanks
  • zoning

Spatial reference and data type

These data sets are available in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) co-ordinates; horizontal datum is North American Datum (NAD) 83. These data are stored as Esri shapefiles. Other data formats can be accommodated, as the Geospatial Centre has access to a number of conversion utilities.

Data access

To request this data, please fill out the Ask-Us form and include which layers (shapefiles) you are interested in obtaining. The dataset will be shared with you via OneDrive upon completion of the data release agreement form. You may also make an in-person appointment using the same form.

Use restrictions/licensing/copyright

These data are provided for personal use for academic, research, and/or teaching purposes. A data release agreement must be agreed to before these licensed data can be released. The City of Hamilton must be acknowledged on any derivative product, whether printed or electronic, including for example, a printed map, a raster or vector graphic, a web-based application, etc. Patrons are advised to fully respect the provisions of Canada's Copyright Act as well as terms and conditions imposed by the data provider.


The City of Hamilton Municipal Data [computer file].  Hamilton, Ontario : The City of Hamiltion Department of Information Technology Services, [2016].

Sample view of the data

City of Hamilton Topographic Map