This vector data resource provides topographic, planning, and recreation information for the area encompassed by the City of Waterloo. This information, provided by the City of Waterloo, consists of coverages for the period of 2001-2015, 2017, 2019. Included are the following coverages:

  • Academic buildings
  • Accommodations
  • Address assessment (type of dwelling)
  • Address points
  • Bicycle parking
  • Bikeways
  • Building footprints
  • Bus stops
  • Business Improvement Area
  • Campgrounds
  • Churches
  • City boundary
  • City core boundary
  • City trails
  • Community districts
  • Contours (0.5 metre interval)
  • Creeks/rivers
  • Cul de sacs
  • Cycling routes
  • DEM Points
  • District plans 
  • Dwelling counts
  • Environment lands (protected from future development)
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Facilities (fire station, Waterloo City Centre, cemeteries, button factory, etc.)
  • Fire hydrants
  • Forests
  • Golf courses
  • Grand River (watercourse)
  • Grand River watershed
  • Heritage building footprints
  • Heritage designation
  • Heritage district
  • Household size
  • Lakes
  • Landmarks (e.g., fire departments, stadiums, galleries, libraries)
  • Major active transport routes (trails, roads)
  • Municipal boundary
  • Neighbourhood associations
  • Official Plan
  • Parks
  • Pedestrian corridor
  • Planning district boundaries
  • Polling 2014
  • Polling boundaries
  • Postal codes
  • Property fabric
  • Public art
  • Railways
  • Retail shops and malls
  • Rivers
  • Road cover
  • Sanitation access holes
  • Sanitation catchbasins
  • Sanitation sewers (blokages, catchment area, clean out, fitting, flow monitor locations, gravity main, lateral line, manhole, meter, network junctions, network pressurized main, sewer shed, storm gate, valve)
  • Schools
  • Sidewalks
  • Soils
  • Storm water (catchment basin, filtration pipe, gravity main, infiltrarion facility, infiltration pipe, inlet, lateral line, pipes/ mains, management control, management ponds, network junctions, network structures, outlet, quality pond catchment areas, storm catchment areas, storm gate
  • Streets (single line, intersections)
  • Streets (historical)
  • Student housing
  • Sub-water basins (catch, ceptor, fitting, gravity main, inlet, manhole, outlet, stormwater management, structure, pond)
  • Surficial Geology 
  • Traffic counts (Average Annual Daily Traffic - AADT) -dBase file format
  • Trail amenities
  • Transmission lines
  • Transportation routes (major active rail and road)
  • Trees (street trees)
  • Walking trails
  • Ward boundaries
  • Water Distribution (main break locations, field notes, fitting, flushing runs, flushing zones, flushing weekly zones, hydrant, main, meter, network junctions, network structure, valve, hydrant main areas, sampling locations, service, tracerwire test box, water pressure zones, water zones)
  • Water bodies
  • Wooded areas
  • Zoning (residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, zoning hazards)

Spatial reference and data type

This data set is available in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) zone 17 co-ordinates; horizontal datum is North American Datum (NAD) 83. These data are stored as Esri shapefiles. Other data formats can be accommodated, as the Geospatial Centre has access to a number of conversion utilities.

Data access

In order to access this data set, please visit the Geospatial Centre reference desk during reference hours. Library reference staff are available to provide further information about these data sets and to deliver data upon request. Under the terms of the library's license agreement, these data sets are for use by students, faculty, and staff at the University of Waterloo only.

Data manipulation

There are public workstations in the Geospatial Centre that provide access to both ArcGIS and ArcView software programs, program extensions and data manipulation utilities. Patrons may use the Geographic Information System (GIS) and image processing software in the library to view and manipulate the data. Waterloo faculty, students and staff may copy these data for use elsewhere.

Data output

This image may be exported from ArcGIS in a choice of bitmapped formats (also known as raster graphics) including JPG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP or in a choice of vector graphics formats including Adobe Illustrator (AI), Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Yet another option is PDF.

Use restrictions/licensing/copyright

These data are provided for personal use for academic, research, and/or teaching purposes. A data release agreement must be agreed to before these licensed data can be released. The City of Waterloo must be acknowledged on any derivative product, whether printed or electronic, including for example, a printed map, a raster or vector graphic, a web-based application, etc. Patrons are advised to fully respect the provisions of Canada's Copyright Act as well as terms and conditions imposed by the data provider.


The City of Waterloo municipal data [computer file]: City of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario [2019].

Waterloo park, Waterloo, Ontario

      Data courtesy of the City of Waterloo