Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) is pleased to announce the release of Scholars GeoPortal. Scholars GeoPortal is a geospatial data discovery tool allowing Ontario’s university students and researchers to enrich their teaching and research by engaging with OCUL’s growing collection of geospatial data. The portal offers search, preview, query, download and sharing functionality for datasets licensed by Ontario university libraries, covering such topics as land use, transportation networks, census boundaries, geology, soils, points of interest (such as healthcare facilities, schools, and airports), air photos, and more.

The Scholars GeoPortal website has extensive help resources to assist new users.

Data access

Access to Scholars GeoPortal is limited to "Authorized Users" of the 21 universities in Ontario. Authorized users are defined as educators, students and other staff members who currently are affiliated with an Ontario university. Authorized users must not share user IDs and passwords or enable anyone who is not an authorized user to gain access to Scholars GeoPortal and the content it houses.

See the Scholars GeoPortal user guide for authentication.

Use restrictions/licensing/copyright

OCUL grants you a limited license to the content on Scholars GeoPortal. You may search, view, download, copy, print, save, display, share with other authorized users, and post links to specific content to other authorized users. In some cases, you may also republish content if you have prior permission from the copyright holder of that content. You may do these things for the purposes of teaching, academic research, analysis, and/or planning of educational services within Ontario universities.

Prohibited uses

Without the specific consent of the copyright holder, Scholars GeoPortal content cannot be:

  1. re-sold,
  2. used with any product, service or application that you create or distribute, or
  3. displayed or made available on any other website or server without permission.

Automated harvesting is strictly prohibited.


Scholar's GeoPortal provides Citing maps & geospatial data guidelines for citing your data.

Sample view of the data

Land use map with health care centres.