United States Geological Survey (USGS)


This data resource, the "Geology of the Conterminous United States at 1:2,500,000 Scale--A Digital Representation of the 1974 P.B. King and H.M. Beikman Map" is provided by the USGS. This information focuses on rock and soil type, as well as glaciation period and other geological features.

Spatial reference and data type

These data sets are available in geographic co-ordinates; horizontal datum is North American Datum (NAD) 27. These data are stored as Architects Data File (ADF) and PDF files. Other data formats can be accommodated, as the Geospatial Centre has access to a number of conversion utilities.

Data access

In order to access these data sets, please visit the Geospatial Centre Reference Desk during regular reference hours in the Dana Porter Library, room 328. Library reference staff are available to provide further information about these data sets and to deliver data upon request. Under the terms of the library's license agreement, these data sets are for the exclusive use of the students, faculty and staff at the University of Waterloo, and may be used for educational/academic purposes only.

Data manipulation

There are public workstations in the Geospatial Centre with access to both ArcMap and ArcView 3.x, along with other related programs and utilities. ArcMap will automatically display the MrSID image, however with ArcView 3.x, the MrSID extension must be turned on. Patrons may use the Geographic Information System (GIS) software in the library to view and manipulate the data. Waterkii faculty, students and staff may copy these data to other media (Zip disk or CD-R disk) for use elsewhere.

Data output

Views of this mosaic may be exported from ArcMap or ArcView 3.x as an image such as jpg. Additionally, ArcMap is able to export views as GeoTiff images. Patrons may also choose to use MrSID Geoviewer to export a selection as a GeoTiff image. A zoomed view of the mosaic may also be printed using one of the library's colour printers.

Use restrictions/licensing/copyright

This material is provided for academic, research, teaching, and personal use only. A data release agreement must be signed before the data is delivered. USGS should be acknowledged on any derivative product, such as a map or an image.


Geology of the Conterminous United States [computer file]. Denver, CO.: The United States Geological Survey, 1974.

Sample view of the data

rock types surrounding lake michigan (JPEG)