Library revitalization team

The governance of the Library Revitalization efforts consists of two groups:

Library renovation core team

Library renovation advisory committee

This Advisory Committee has representatives from across campus with a mandate to provide guidance, support and informed opinions on issues and concerns related to project ideas, development and recommendations, bring insights from their constituents’ perspectives and facilitate communiaction between the Library and university community. 

  • Director, Organizational Services (chair): Sharon Lamont
  • Library staff representatives: Larisa Smyk, Dana Porter Library and Sarah Martin, Davis Centre Library
  • Graduate Student Association vice-president: Rachel Mitchell
  • Federation of Students president: Chris Lolas
  • Teaching fellow: James Skidmore
  • Plant Operations, Design unit: Rob Hartung
  • Student Success Office: Pam Charbonneau
  • Manager, Space Planning: Scott Nicoll
  • Alumni representative: Laureen Harder-Gissing