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About subject librarians

University of Waterloo librarians are the primary contact with the University's academic departments.

Your librarian:

  • ensures that the library resources match the teaching, learning, and research needs of the academic community in assigned areas of subject expertise
  • works with faculty to integrate information literacy into the curriculum
    • by designing and offering research instruction to classes
  • works with researchers to integrate information literacy into their academic life
    • by meeting with them individually to help them learn how to conduct research independently

Specialized services

Contact the librarian for your academic department for research, teaching and learning support. Your librarian can:

  • identify and show you how to get key information resources related to your research area
  • create successful search strategies for your research topic
  • help create learning materials for your course
  • provide feedback for assignments
  • contribute expertise in support of grant applications and the research process
  • provide tailored consultations to students, faculty, instructors, and staff inside or outside of class

Related terms

  • Liaison librarian
  • Reference librarian
  • Subject specialist