Printing from your laptop

NOTE: All but the single-side print queues default to double side.

  1. Log in to the W Print home page. Sign in using your WatIAM userID and password if you are a student or your W Print user ID and password if you are faculty, staff, or community borrower.

    W Print login screen
  2. Go to Web Print and click Submit a Job

    W Print web print screen
  3. In the search bar at the top of the page, type 'vx' and hit enter.
  4. Select the public Xerox printer that corresponds to the desired print setting:
    1. mediaprint2\rs-public-BW-vx: black and white double sided
    2. mediaprint2\\rs-public-BW-vx-s-s: black and white single sided
    3. mediaprint2\\rs-public-colour-vx: colour double sided
    4. mediaprint2\\rs-public-colour-vx-s-s: colour single sided
  5. Upload your document.
  6. Once it says 'held in a queue', go to the printer you would like to receive the document from. Your files will be available up to two hours to print or cancel.
  7. Tap your Watcard on the sensor to the left of the screen or input your WatIAM credentials.
  8. Select the check box of the document you want released and release your document for printing.

W Print printer locations

  • Dana Porter Library:
    • Main floor - 262
    • Third floor - 302 (Near Vending Machines)
  • Davis Centre Library:
    • Main floor (IST service desk area)
    • Lower floor

Need help?

Contact the help desk for technical support.