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Subscribe / unsubscribe to a UWSpace collection

A subscription provides a daily email alert listing newly added items to a selected collection. In UWSpace collections are the arrangement of specific research types produced by a Department or Research type. For example the Department of Kinesiology contains two collections: Kinesiology Articles (Peer-reviewed) and Kinesiology theses & dissertations.  

Follow these steps to set up or remove a subscription.

Go to UWSpace and "Login" or create an account.

Go to UWSpace and "Login" or create an account.

 You must use your WATIAM ID and password.

You'll must use your WATIAM ID and password.

Click "Profile" in the "My Account" section of the right sidebar.

Click "Profile" in the "My Account" section of the right sidebar

To subscribe select a collection from the "Email Subscriptions" drop down list in the "Subscriptions" section. Click "Add" to save the subscripton. Note: Subscriptions are added one at a time.

 Subscriptions are added one at a time.

To unsubscribe check the box next to the unwanted collection(s) in your subscription list then click “Remove".

Demonstrates how to unsubscribe from a collection or collections.

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