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UWSpace Undergraduate Deposit Service

Would you like to make an undergraduate work Open Access? Students and their supervisors are now able to deposit undergraduate work in UWSpace. To be deposited the undergraduate work must: 

  • have been completed as part of a 4th year honours thesis or honours research project.
  • be approved by the supervisor as being academically exemplary and worthy of long term preservation in UWSpace.

If you are a supervisor, you can use the Undergraduate deposit form for supervisors to:

  • approve a student request for inclusion in UWSpace. Use this option if you received an e-mail from the student requesting your approval.
  • recommend a student work for inclusion in UWSpace. Use this option to recommend a student's work.

If you are a student, you can use the Undergraduate deposit form for students to:

  • request your supervisor's approval to deposit your work in UWSpace.
  • add your work to UWSpace based on a supervisor's recommendation.

Contact us if you have questions about this service.

UWSpace questions and contact form.

UWSpace copyright review and deposit service request

UWSpace undergraduate deposit request