Vision for library space

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Vision for public spaces

The 21st-century library provides a space where the campus community are welcomed and encouraged to satisfy intellectual curiosity, meet with peers to collaborate, and contribute to scholarship and research excellence. To align with campus strategic goals, we will design inspiring spaces for scholars by incorporating the resources and expertise they need to participate fully in the academic experience. We will develop spaces to accommodate the varied needs of students, staff, and faculty to be successful in their academic pursuits.


The design of space and furnishings will uphold the following principles:

  • Accessible
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • Flexible use
  • Functional
  • Inclusive
  • Personal safety
  • Sustainable
  • Wellness

Working definitions


  • Spaces will be barrier free and accommodating
  • Furnishings will accommodate a variety of physical abilities
  • Space layout will accommodate the needs of a variety of mental and physical abilities


  • The elements interact comfortably and safely with the body; promoting proper positioning for different workflows movements

Flexible use

  • Provides different environments that support different types of work
  • Materials and furnishings will be able to be repurposed over time as needs change


  • Spaces suitable in shape, size and tone for the type of work taking place there
  • Design elements indicate and facilitate the intended use of, and behaviour within, the space


  • Provides equal opportunity, regardless of differences, to achieve maximum potential
  • People feel welcomed
  • The Library as a safe space

Personal safety

  • Implement design and materials that don’t adversely affect users and staff
  • Include safety features as appropriate


  • Prefer environmentally responsible materials
  • Support long-term ecological balance

Timeless, durable

  • Spaces have understated, simple, and sophisticated lines, shapes, texture, and colours
  • The design is moderate, falling between conventional and avant-garde, and between plain and ornate
  • Materials are low maintenance, long-lasting and appropriate for the intended use


  • A healthy, environmentally comfortable space where people feel spirited, engaged and fortified