Living well - Quality of life - Adapting leisure interests to meet new abilities

A growing body of evidence from many countries around the world is providing convincing support for the importance of an engaged and stimulating lifestyle to cognitive well-being as we age. Participating in meaningful activities is one of the best ways to remain engaged. Participating in meaningful leisure experiences can include enjoying a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, to participating in more challenging and structured activities with others in a specific setting. The key is to get involved with activities that make you feel good, because they can enhance your quality of life and help you to celebrate life. In the following section, you will find important questions and answers about how you can adapt your leisure interests to meet new abilities.

Source: Compiled with permission from Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP). (2011). Living and Celebrating Life Through Leisure: A 'By Us For Us" Guide. Waterloo, Canada, University of Waterloo: MAREP.

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