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Each saint's life in the corpus is listed individually below. Titles are followed in parentheses by the siglum used for each text; copies of individual lives found in manuscripts other than Campsey are listed immediately after the Campsey life (e.g. no. 1, the Vie de seynte Elizabeth is followed by 1a, the copy of this life from MS London BL Cotton Domitian A.XI.).

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Lives in the Campsey Collection

(updated 15.04.2017: no. 18 added--copy of Vie s. Edmund le rei)

(updated 15.04.2017: no. 17 added--Vie s. Edmund le rei)

(updated 8.01.2013: no. 16 added--Vie de s. Georges)

(updated 8.01.2013: no. 15 added--Vie de s. Gilles)

(updated 15.07.2008: no. 6b added)

(updated 1.11.2007: nos. 6c, 13a added)

(updated 13.03.2007: nos. 6a, 13b added)

  1. La vie de seynte Elizabeth (E_bt), by Nicole Bozon;
    1a. the copy (CtE_bt) of this life from MS London, BL Cotton Domitian A.XI.
  2. La vie de seynt Panuce (Pnc), by Nicole Bozon;
  3. La vie de seint Paul le hermite (Ph_t), by Nicole Bozon;
  4. La vie del martir seint Thomas Becket (Bkt), by Guernes de Pont-Sainte-Maxence;
  5. La vie de Marie Magdalene (Mgd), by Guillaume le Clerc de Normandie;
    5a. the copy (BNMgd) of this life from MS Paris, BnF fr. 19525;
  6. La vie d'Edouard le confesseur (E_w), by a nun of Barking;
    6a. the copy (VE_w) of this life from MS Rome, Vatican, Reg. Lat. 489;
    6b. the copy (PE_w) of this life from MS Paris, BnF fr. 1416
    6c. the prose remaniement (EgE_w) of this life from MS London, BL Egerton 745
  7. La vie de saint Eadmund...arcevesque de Cantorbire (E_m), by Matthew Paris;
  8. La vie de seinte Audree, noneyne de Ely (A_d), by Marie, a nun;
  9. La vie seinte Osith, virge e martire (O_st), author unknown;
    see also critical dossier (introduction, study, edition, facing-page English translation)
  10. La vie sainte Fey, virgine e martire (F_y), by Simon of Walsingham;
  11. La vie de seinte Modwenne, noneyne (Mdw), author unknown;
    11a. the copy (OxfMdw) of this life from MS Oxford, Bodleian Digby 34;
  12. La vie seint Richard, evesque de Cycestre (R_c; R_cM), by Pierre d'Abernon of Fetcham;
  13. La vie sainte Katherine (Kth), by Clemence of Barking;
    13a. the copy (PKth) of this life from MS Paris, Bnf fr. 23112
    13b. the copy (AKth) of this life from MS Paris, BnF n.a.f. 4503.

Lives Contemporary with the Campsey Collection

  1. La Vie de seint Clement, pape (Clmt), author unknown, from MS Cambridge, Trinity College, R.3.46.
  2. La Vie de saint Gilles (G_i), by Guillaume de Berneville, MS Florence, B. Laurenziana, Cov. Soppr. 99.
  3. La Vie de seint Georges (G_o), by Simund de Freine, MS Paris, BnF, fonds fr. 902.
  4. La Vie s. Edmund le Rei (E_dR), by Denis Piramus, MS Manchester JRUL French 142
  5. copy of Vie s. Edmund le Rei (CotE_dR), by Denis Piramus, MS London BL Cot. Dom. A. xi.

Future projects:

For convenience we refer to our database as Electronic Campsey, but the intention is to make this an open corpus, with an expanding number of Anglo-Norman saints' lives available electronically. Proposals for collaborations and additions to the database are welcome.