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Reading the Roman de la Rose in Text and Image,
by Christine McWebb

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In the footnotes, references to line numbers in Armand Strubel's and Félix Lecoy's editions are given.

Following Félix Lecoy's lead, I also used manuscript Bibliothèque nationale f. fr. 1573 for the transcription of the passages from the Roman de la rose; variants are noted with respect to manuscript Bibliothèque nationale f. fr. 378 which is the base manuscript for Armand Strubel's edition in modern French (Paris: Lettres gothiques, 1992). References are to folio and line numbers for the original passage and to line numbers for the translation into English. The English translation is based on Charles Dahlberg's translation (Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 1995) with modifications. Because the Roman passages are available on-line, I have not included any bibliographical references to Lecoy's edition in the anthology itself.

The manuscripts I have used for the selection of the miniatures displayed throughout the excerpts principally date from the period that spans the anthology, so approximately from the mid-XIVth to the mid-XVth century in as far as that can be determined. I have inserted the images where they appear in the original manuscript.

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