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We have used Extensible Markup Language (XML) for encoding the text. Our tag set is derived from elements proposed by the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), but our tags are abbreviated and simplified to make the input of data from manuscripts easier at this stage of the project In the next stage of the project, as we refine our data, we will revise our tag set to conform to TEI guidelines, as well as making the database more XML compliant. (For more details on TEI and XML, follow this link to TEI.)

XML tags, enclosed in <> (angle brackets) are used to identify the structure of the data, which is arranged in hierarchial order. Smaller elements are nested within larger elements.  XML tags can also take any number of attributes, defined by the user, to further characterize or describe the structure.

Our data has been tagged for structural elements at both the level of the manuscript book (or codex), and within the text.

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