Christine de Pizan Digital Scriptorium

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The Christine de Pizan Digital Scriptorium is a joint project of the University of Waterloo’s MARGOT project, the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University and the Bibliothèque nationale de France. The creation of this resource and the digitization of manuscripts from the BnF were made possible by generous support from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The goal of the Christine de Pizan Digital Scriptorium is to create an online library of all manuscripts containing the works by this author. We currently have digital surrogates of 56 of her works’ manuscripts, which represent the collection held at the BnF consortium.

In addition to the fully digitized surrogates, this Digital Scriptorium features basic and detailed codicological descriptions, a brief biography of Christine de Pizan and her contributions to the literary, socio-political and cultural climate of late medieval France and England. The user can explore the manuscript collection by common name, date, current location, number of pages, and place of origin.

Pizan text
Pizan text