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Folio 103vDetailed manuscript information (based on Ernest Langlois, Les manuscrits du Roman de la rose. Description et classement, Geneva: Slatkine Reprints, 1974, p. 61-62):

Parchment, measure: 330x236mm, 216fols, two columns at 38 lines. Beginning of second folio: Que j'oy près d'ilecques bruire (or the following verse added at the top margin: Car je ne sceuz ailleurs deduire). The Roman appears on fols 2-175r, followed by the Testament on fols 177r-206r written in one rubric in 530 quatrains, followed by the Codicille on fols 207r-v and the Sept articles de la foi on fols 208r-214r. Fols 1 and 176 are blank, fols 214-216 contain numerous reflexions in verse and prose, in Latin and French on the Roman and the Testament.

Scene depicted

Fair Welcoming and the Old Woman in the tower 

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