4A Mathematics and Business student Danielle Burt is the new Federation of Students president!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Danielle BurtDanielle Burt takes office as the Federation of Students (Feds) president today, along with her fellow executives, Vice President (VP) Operations & Finance Ben Balfour, VP Internal Maaz Yasin, and VP Education Stephen Hamade. 

Danielle ran with Team Spark, aiming to “spark change” on their platform of leadership and mental health and wellness, and the team now fills three out of the four executive seats.

Danielle first became involved on campus in second year, when she signed up to become an orientation leader. Danielle found that her volunteer work not only brought her great experiences, but co-op opportunities – as well as her latest accomplishment. “I owe my recently elected Feds presidency to that first step,” she wrote on the UWaterloo alumni blog.

Danielle also acknowledged several mentors who encouraged her to keep volunteering, like Becky Wroe, her orientation manager, and former Feds President Andrew Noble who inspired her to challenge herself and go after the presidency.

Congratulations Danielle!

You can read more about Danielle and her road to the presidency on the UWaterloo alumni blog or on Imprint.

Please note that this was written by Taylor Small and this original article can be accessed on the Student Success Office.

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