Information for high school applicants

Students who wish to pursue Information Techology Management should apply for first-year entry to our Mathematics/Business Administration program. All students admitted to the program will have the opportunity to select Information Technology Management in their second year.

Information for current math students

Students from other Faculty of Mathematics programs can transfer into the IT Management program after having successfully completed a minimum of 10 courses.

This usually includes the completion of a communications course, the following six core math courses:

  • Mathematics (MATH) 135, MATH 136, MATH 137, MATH 138, and 2 Computer Science (CS) core courses (usually CS 115/135 and CS 116/136)

And three of the following six non-math courses:

  • Economics (ECON) 101, ECON 102, Business (BUS) 111W, BUS 121W, Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) 101, and AFM 102

Students must have a 65% overall average to be admitted. Please contact the program director/advisor for more information.