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Repeated courses and non-day school courses

Repeated courses

  • For all programs, repeated courses may be reviewed during the admissions process.
  • When we calculate your admission average, we will use the highest Grade 12 U or M grade in a repeated subject.
  • On your Admission Information Form (AIF), you'll be asked to comment on repeated courses. We'll provide you with instructions about the AIF once you've applied to Waterloo.

Program-specific policies

  • For Engineering programs, including Software Engineering but excluding Architecture
    • You may have 5 percentage marks (5%) deducted from your total overall admission average, and it may also impact your eligibility for scholarships.
  • For Faculty of Mathematics programs
  • For all other faculties and programs, including Architecture
    • Your application will be given individual consideration when the admission decision is made.

Courses other than day school

As long as you take a course(s) at a school or institution accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, we will accept grade 12 U and M courses regardless of how or where the course is taken. The following are some examples: 

  • Day school (high school)
  • Summer school
  • Night school
  • Correspondence courses
  • Private school
  • E-learning
  • Virtual learning courses

You may be asked to list the courses you have taken or are taking outside of regular day school on your Admission Information Form.

Applied to Math or Engineering programs?
If you have taken or are taking courses outside of regular day school and have applied to programs in the Faculty of Mathematics and/or the Faculty of Engineering, in some cases your overall admission score will be adjusted.

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