Current students

As an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Mathematics, you are part of a large group of scholars interested in the Mathematical and Computer Sciences. In fact, this is the largest such group anywhere in the world. Being in one of the Mathematics Business and Accounting programs, you are taking advantage of the opportunity to combine mathematics with business and accounting in one of eight unique programs in the unit. Sometimes you might have some questions about what decisions to make in your undergraduate career in the group. Academic advisors are available and willing to assist you with any questions you may have. Also, students currently enrolled in one of the programs should go to Learn for information specific to your plan.

As first years, coming to a new school might be overwhelming for you. Please take a look at these informative links for first year students to help you on your way. A good way to ease the transition into university is to join some clubs associated with the group. These will help you to meet other students in your plan and help you to make some good friends. First year students interested in transferring to one of the math and business programs can find admissions information on the Business Administration and Computer Science Double Degree page.

An important part of being in university is being able to fund your education. Information on funding can be found on the Student Awards & Financial Aid website. If you are looking for a form for something like changing your academic plan or intending to graduate, please consult the list of forms. If you have any questions about the forms, or you believe none of the forms suits your needs, please consult an academic advisor for your plan.

Having the opportunity to study in the Mathematics Business and Accounting Program is a privilege. With this privilege comes some regulations and procedures which must be followed. It is highly recommended that you read through the information on these pages. If you have any personal problems that you need help dealing with, please consult Counselling Services. If you get sick at any time or require the use of any medical services, staff members at Health Services are always willing to help. Health Services is the on campus clinic that provides services like urgent care, allergy injections, and immunizations. If you need help planning your courses, you should look at your course requirements for your plan in the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar or speak to an advisor.

Math Business and Accounting wishes you all the best in your studies at the University of Waterloo.