Funding and awards

For applicants to programs in the Mathematics Business and Accounting, there are three main funding options:


There are a variety of scholarships that are available to first year students. As an applicant to a full-time honours program in the Faculty of Mathematics, you are eligible for the following entrance scholarships:

Visit the entrance scholarships and awards page for a list (with descriptions) of all of the entrance scholarships awarded by the Faculty of Mathematics.

Entrance bursaries

A bursary is similar to a scholarship in that you're not expected to repay it, but it's awarded based primarily on financial need rather than on academic achievement.

Approximately 1,000 University of Waterloo Entrance Bursaries, valued from $500 to $4,000, are awarded each year to students with financial need who are entering their first year of post-secondary studies.

Visit the entrance bursaries page for more information or view the list of all entrance bursaries awarded by the University of Waterloo.

Government assistance

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides eligible students with various types of assistance based on financial need. This assistance is intended to supplement, not to replace, the resources of you and your family.