Information for high school applicants

Students who wish to pursue Mathematical Economics should apply for first-year entry to honours Mathematics. All students admitted to the program will have the opportunity to select Mathematical Economics (Math/ECON) in their second year.

Information for current math students

Students from other Faculty of Mathematics programs can transfer into the Math/ECON program after having successfully completed a minimum of 10 courses.

This usually includes the completion of the following six core math course:

  • Mathematics (MATH) 135, MATH 136, MATH 137, MATH 138, and 2 Computer Science (CS) core courses (usually CS 115/135 and CS 116/136)

And at least two economics course, which are usually:

  • Economics (ECON) 101, ECON 102

Students must have a 75% ECON average to be admitted. Please contact the program director/advisor for more information.