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Offers of admission

Ontario high school students:

All of our offers of admission will be made prior to May 28, 2014, and you will have until June 2, 2014 to respond.

  • If you know that Waterloo is the university you wish to attend, you're encouraged to accept your offer as soon as you receive it.
  • Other universities may ask for a response before June 2nd. If you've accepted an offer prior to June 2nd – either from Waterloo or from another university – and you wish to change your mind, you may do so without penalty up to June 2nd.
  • No Ontario university may require a financial commitment from you before June 2, 2014.

All other applicants:

  • Most of our offers of admission are made on a continuing basis as files are completed.
  • You'll have until June 2, 2014, to respond to an Offer of Admission dated up to May 28.
  • If you're admitted after May 28, you'll have 14 calendar days from the date on the offer to confirm your acceptance.

Alternate offers of admission

If you're not admitted to the program to which you've applied, you may be considered for admission to an alternate program provided you meet minimum admission requirements and places are available.

See a list of alternate offers of admission.

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