Careers and co-op


In this program, students can prepare for a dynamic career in government and industry by combining studies in economics and mathematics. Some of the career opportunities that future graduates can look forward to are:

  • Economist/Economic analyst
  • Investment administrator
  • Financial service manager
  • Securities broker
  • Market research analyst
  • International trade specialist
  • Strategic planner
  • Commodities trader


This program is offered through both the co-op and regular systems of study. Students in the regular system will study for the fall and winter terms and are off for the spring term. This schedule repeats until students have completed eight study terms. Students in the co-op system of study will work and study according to one of the four sequences available to co-op students in this program shown in the study/work sequence chart.

If you require more information on the co-op system of study, please visit the main Co-operative Education website.

Co-op students at work

The Mathematical Economics program is a revision of the old Mathematics/Business Administration - Economics option program which has been operating successfully for 30 years. Co-op students have enjoyed several excellent work terms both in government and industry, mainly in government, banking, finance and non-profit enterprises.