Careers in Mathematics

The Dean of Math, Ian Goulden, and students welcome visitors to the new Mathematics 3 building.

More than 28,667 Faculty of Mathematics graduates are working today in 97 countries worldwide!

When you complete a degree in the Faculty of Mathematics, you'll hone your analytical and problem-solving skills – skills that are highly valued in industry. You'll also find that you're in demand after graduation.

A 2012 Globe and Mail article describes several of the information technology and creative design jobs related to math that command high salaries. These include:

  • Business systems analyst ($78,500 to $108,750)
  • Data security analyst ($83,250 to $124,500)
  • Information architect ($90,000 to $140,000)
  • Interactive creative director ($95,000 to $140,000)
  • Mobile application developer ($72,500 to $102,750)
  • User experience designer ($80,000 to $120,000)

As a comparison, refer to these salary guides for: Accounting & Finance (PDF), Administrative (PDF), Legal (PDF), and Interactive Design & Marketing (PDF) jobs.

Employers are prepared to compensate well for professionals with solid experience in areas such as enhancing and securing a firm's online presence across multiple platforms, or gathering and assembling business data.

- Lara Dodo, regional vice-president of Robert Half Technology and the Creative Group in Canada

What career options do I have with a BMath?

Ongoing career action

The University of Waterloo is committed to the success of its students and graduates. If you become a Faculty of Mathematics student and graduate, you'll have access to a wide selection of resources at the Centre for Career Action, offered through the Department of Co-operative Education and Career Action.

Math and computer science lead to great careers

200 careers are evaluated and ranked as the best and the worst jobs in North America. According to the Wall Street Journal online, the top jobs for 2014 are:

  1. Mathematician
  2. University professor
  3. Statistician
  4. Actuary
  5. Audiologist
  6. Dental hygienist
  7. Software engineer
  8. Computer systems analyst
  9. Occupational therapist
  10. Speech pathologist

According to the study, mathematicians fared the best because of work environments, growth potential, and income. Mathematicians and computer scientists work in favourable conditions and earn good salaries.

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