Congratulations to the Faculty of Mathematics Team on their Success in this Year’s Rotman International Trading Competition!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Team University of Waterloo, Faculty of Mathematics, 3rd Place in Rotman International Trading Competition 2019.

From left to right: Jimmy Fang (team coach), Denise Yan (4A, FARM), Nancy Sang (4A, FARM), Phoenix Li (4A, FARM), Danying Xiao (4B, FARM), Alicia Deng (4B, Mathematical Finance), Hanson Li (4B, FARM)

After an intense weekend of competition, the team of Faculty of Mathematics students took third place in the prestigious 2019 Rotman International Trading Competition held in Toronto February 21-23, 2019. 

This year’s competition included 52 teams representing universities from Sydney to Vancouver, Ottawa to Hong Kong. It is the first time in many years Faculty of Mathematics students have taken such a high place among top participating teams. Our team included five students from the FARM program and one from Mathematical Finance: Denise Yan, Nancy Sang, Phoenix Li, Danying Xiao, Alicia Deng and Hanson Li.

This success would have been impossible without team coach Jimmy Fang, FARM alumni himself, who has both participated in previous years’ competitions and since then continues to coach the University of Waterloo team. We are grateful to Jimmy for his generous support of the University of Waterloo team.

Congratulations to the team members, coach and entire Mathematics faculty and staff with this remarkable achievement!

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