Congratulations Winners of the Battle on Bay Competition!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Battle on the Bay Competition Winners

Congratulations to Helen (Yueping) Hu, Aili Huang, Yushu Yang, and Sean Zheng for winning first place in the Battle on the Bay competition at Ryerson University over the January 15th, 2016 weekend!

Photo (left to right)

  • Andrew Tai, CEO of Unhaggle Inc.
  • Raymond O’Kane, VP Automotive Finance, OEM Strategy and Development at BMO
  • Aili Huang (Math/CPA)
  • Helen (Yueping) Hu (Math/CPA)
  • Don Romano, President and CEO, Hyundai Canada
  • Yushu Yang (Math/CPA)
  • Sean Zheng (Math/CPA)
  • Dr. Alan Goss, Ryerson Finance Faculty and Area head​

Below is a write up from Helen (Yueping) Hu regarding the competition,

"Aili Huang, Yushu Yang, Sean Zheng and I competed at the Battle on Bay competition this weekend at Ryerson University. We just wanted to share with you that we won 1st place. We had a lot of fun at the competition and we met some really great people, including the President and CEO of Hyundai Canada and VP Auto Finance at BMO! The focus of this year’s case was on the future of the auto industry and how it impacts the role of auto finance. It was almost like a strategy case – we identified three main trends and we supported them with qualitative and quantitative analysis. We also focused heavily on the implications that these trends have on auto finance as all the judges were from auto finance functions (OEM captives, independent auto finance companies, and commercial banks). We were a bit surprised that it wasn’t the typical finance case that we would normally expect to see at finance case competitions; however, we found the materials that we learned in strategy and case finance courses at school extremely helpful. The case structure and planning that we learned in class were very applicable and helped us tremendously with the crisis case on the second day of the competition. We really enjoyed the conference and it was a great learning experience for all of us.

Best regards,

Helen (Yueping) Hu"

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