MFCF computer labs

MFCF operates computer labs on the third floor of the Mathematics and Computing building (MC).

Room       Platform    Seats       Description

MC3004    Windows       20      Rotman Interactive Trader

MC3004    Windows         6      Bloomberg

MC3006    Thin Client     32      access to Windows (Nexus) and Linux 

MC3008    Thin Client     32      access to Windows (Nexus) and Linux

MC3010    Thin Client     15      access to Windows (Nexus) and Linux

MC3011                                 wireless docking and collaboration space

The computers in these labs provide the user with a choice of either a Windows or a Linux environment. Each environment comes with various mathematical software.

Additionally, the Computer Science Computing Facility (CSCF) operates several computer labs on the third floor of MC.


  • to use the computers maintained by MFCF the user requires only valid Nexus credentials
  • to use the computer maintained by CSCF the user must either be a student registered in Computer Science or be currently enrolled in a Computer Science course within the Faculty of Mathematics

Booking a lab

MFCF computer labs 3006 and 3008 can be booked for classes, conferences, and other events. To book a lab, have your organizer submit a request and include the following information:

  • who wants to book the lab
  • date and times, or if it's a term booking for a course
  • purpose for booking the lab