Large-workspace cable robotics

Planar vibration control in CDPRs

Vibration decoupled modeling is a novel technique to model the dynamic behaviour of the CDPRs. This modeling approach has been based to develop and implement various novel robust controllers for CDPRs which are both analytically and experimentally evaluated. The video below shows the robot motion with planar vibration control system.

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Out-of-plane vibration control in CDPRs

Planar CDPRs are particularly challenging because of their extremely low stiffness in out-of-plane directions. Additionally, the out-of-plane dynamics are uncontrollable using in-plane cables, leading to a potential for large platform out-of-place displacements and persistent vibration that are difficult to eliminate.

In our work, we have demonstrated that with the addition of two reaction pendulum to the mobile platform, the out-of-plane dynamics can be swiftly regulated, this making the platform fully controllable.

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With three pendulums, we have shown that vibrations in 3DOF CDPRs in all six directions can be controlled. This technique has been shown theoretically and experimentally.

cable robot diagram
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