PACS Newsletter - September 10th, 2018

Monday, September 10, 2018

PACS Newsletter bannerWelcome to the Fall 2018 school semester!

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Disclaimer: Events and opportunities above are not all endorsed by the PACS department; this bulletin includes opportunities that we think PACS students may be interested in but are not sponsored by PACS. Please use your own discretion to determine if an opportunity is right for you.


Grimm Lecture: Karl Marx

When: September 20th at 7pm
Where: CIGI Auditorium, 67 Erb Street W., Waterloo
Cost: Free

Join The Waterloo Centre for German Studies' annual Jacob & Willhelm Grimm Lecture as they help kickoff the new academic year with the Faculty of Arts. In this lecture, speaker Gareth Stedman Jones separates Marx from Marxism in order to better understand Marx's original ideas. His lecture, titled "When Would Capitalism End?," investigates whether or not Marx believed that capitalism would eventually collapse.


World Beyond War: #NoWar2018

When: September 21st, 5pm-9pm & September 22nd 9am-7:30pm
Where: OCAD University, Toronto
Standard ticket price: $90
Student or Low-Income price: $45

Celebrate the International Day of Peace at World BEYOND War's annual global conference in Toronto! At #NoWar2018 you will explore the rule of law has been used to both restrain and legitimize it, as well as how we can possible re-design systems to eliminate war and maintain justice. At this event, leading peace activists will be leading workshops on critical topics related to war. PACS is a sponsor for #NoWar2018 and has some financial support available to aid with travel to this event!


KWLT's Production of "Blood Relations"

Dates: September 27, 28, 29; October 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13
Showtime: All shows begin at 8pm.
Cost: $15-$20 in advance, $20-$25 at the door.

"Blood Relations," a play written by Sharon Pollock and directed by St. Jerome's professor Diana Lobb, features Lizzie Borden as she commits the famous murders of her family. It contains feminist undertones and questions whether or not she was wrong for turning an axe against those wronged her.


HeForShe Writing Contest

Contest opens: September 5th
Submissions due: October 1st

The University of Waterloo presents the Third Annual HeForShe Writing Contest as part of the commitment to the UN Women's HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10 Initiative. Connecting experiences of gender to a diverse understanding of equity will allow for lasting change in the Waterloo community, and this can be done through writing! Share your poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction about building a better and more equitable world for the chance to win $500! The 2018-2019 contest theme is ALLIES.


New Era of Peace and Peaceful Land Exhibition: Launch Event

When: September 20th at 4pm
Where: Grebel Gallery, Conrad Grebel University College
Cost: Free

Join in on the celebration of the New Era of Peace and Peaceful Land exhibition! Doug Hostetter, MCC's UN Office Director, will be in attendance. This exhibition is sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee and is curated by the Korean Art Forum. It collects rarely seen works by American, Chinese, North Korean, and South Korean artists. The exhibition serves to communicate the following thesis: Peace is not an absence of war, but the living process of freely interacting with others and understanding their values and perspective, while realizing truth and justice. The exhibition is also available to view during regular hours until October 5th.


The Future of Water: Innovation, Resource Recovery, and the Blue Economy

When: September 24th at 5pm
Where: Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre (QNC), Room 0101/1103A
Cost: Free

Attend the 2018 RBC Distinguished Lecture, part of the Water Institute's Water Research Conference to learn about water innovation and recovery! Mark van Loosdrecht, Professor in Environmental Biotechnology, has spent more than twenty years studying and improving the natural breakdown and reuse of waste materials. In March 2018, he was awarded the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize for revolutionizing water and wastewater treatment. Professor van Loosdrecht’s scientific interests are mainly related to biofilm processes, nutrient conversion processes and the role of storage polymers in microbial ecology.

When: October 25th-27th
Where: MCC UN Office in New York City
Deadline to Register: October 12th
Deadline to Reserve Lodging: September 23rd

The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) invites you to attend their 23rd Annual Student Seminar! MCC has been involved with North Korea since 1995, working with the Canadian Food Grains Bank during a famine to provide food and material resources to the people. They have facilitated many new projects since then. This seminar will explore the history and context of North Korea, MCC's involvement over the years, and the role that the UN has had in the country's current situation. Attend to contribute to the discussion!

Note: Travel to New York will be arranged and paid for by MCC Ontario!

Mahatma Gandhi Peace Festival

When: September 29th, 2018, 10:00am-2:00pm
Where: City Hall, Hamilton
Cost: Free

The 26th Annual Mahatma Gandhi Peace Festival is taking place this month! Enjoy a music performance, lunch, and the Peace March to celebrate Gandhi's birthday on October 2nd. The festival is twinned with the Annual Mahatma Gandhi Lectures on Nonviolence sponsored by the Centre for Peace Studies. District Police Chief and Social Activist Rema Rajeshwari will also be hosting a panel discussion. The theme for this year's festival is "Preventing Violence Against Women." All are welcome to come and partake in this event!

Note: this festival is wheelchair accessible!



When: September 21st-23rd, varying times
Where: Conrad Centre for Performing Arts
Cost: $15

In a community where the topic of sex is considered taboo, it can be difficult to talk about the realities of sexual assault. #ChurchToo artfully depicts this struggle through a variety of scenes and relationships. The #ChurchToo movement began on Twitter when people began to share their experiences of sexual assault within the church. This show, presented by Theatre of the Beat in partnership with the Mennonite Church of Eastern Canada and the Mennonite Central Committee, depicts and explores the struggles of those who experienced church harassment.


Lisa Lipton: The Impossible Blue Rose

When: September 13th, 12-1pm
Where: East Campus Hall (ECH). University of Waterloo
Cost: Free

Lisa Lipton is a multidisciplinary visual artist and musician who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. This video installation follows Lipton's travels across North America, to Los Angeles, Vancouver and beyond. It is emotionally charged and evokes the rebellious yearnings of young adulthood and the desire to reinvent oneself. Attend this immersive multidisciplinary co-presentation to experience Lipton's work in the areas video, theatre, dance, poetry, drumming, and sculpture!


Jobs & Opportunities

Job and Volunteer Opportunities

Looking to work during the Fall 2018 term? Or just looking to volunteer? The University of Waterloo has many job and volunteer opportunities for varying student interests! Full listings can be found in the "Jobs" tab on LEADS.


Here are some new and exciting courses offered at UW this fall that might be of interest to you as a PACS student! These courses are not on the PACS Approved list, but you could petition to have them count towards your degree requirements by contacting Rachel Reist.”
  • INTEG 210: Making Collaboration Work - In this course, you will learn how to leverage research about employment to acquire a variety of important skills. You will put those skills into practice throughout the course, and reflect on how to apply them in other situations. (Note: open to ALL students outside Knowledge Integration level 2A and above).
  • ERS 328: Environmental Politics and System Change - In this course you will explore the history and sociology of environmental politics while reviewing the causes of disruptive system change, including technological, ecological, institutional, and political drivers. Level at least 2A.
  • ECON 366: Gender and Economics - This course explores how gender plays a role in economic outcomes and will inform and challenge your understanding of this issue. You will examine important topics such as wage differences, educational attainment, and the difference between how men and women make decisions regarding marriage, childcare, and divorce. Prereqs are ECON 101, ECON 102, and level at least 3A.
  • PLAN 474: Planning for Multiculturalism and Equity - This seminar course explores the body of planning scholarship on cities of diversity and difference. You will interrogate multiculturalism and hyper-diversity as a major planning challenge of the 21st century while examining the ways in which the planning profession has addressed them in the past. This course will include a field trip and requires a field trip fee up to $40.


Campus Wellness 2018

Many students struggle with mental health issues. It is important to take care of ourselves the best that we can, and sometimes we need help figuring out how to do so. Below are some of the seminars being held during the Fall 2018 term that provide information about mental health, self-care, and useful strategies for coping with issues you may have during the school year.

  • Coping Skills Seminars: Challenging Thinking; Managing Emotions; Strengthening Motivation; Cultivating Resiliency.
  • Alleviating Anxiety Seminar
  • Developing Your Compassionate Mind
  • The Body Project
  • Dealing With Depression: A Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Group



Workshops Fall 2018: In addition to mental health seminars, there are several workshops running this term to teach you skills to maximize your academic success! These include campus-wide, faculty-specific, and career skills workshops.


Rachel Reist - Academic Advisor for PACS Students

Rachel is available to chat about course selection, your progress in the PACS plan, or any major successes or challenges you have here at Waterloo. Her office is located at Conrad Grebel (CGR 2103B) and you can drop by any time between 9:00am and 4:00pm! Student visits are the best part of the day, so come by any time (especially if you haven’t met her yet)!
If you’re looking to meet about something that might be a longer conversation, you can book an appointment in advance through email at or call 519-885-0220 ext. 24269.

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Haight and I am the new PACS Student Communications Assistant for the 2018-2019 school year. I am entering my 4th year here at the University of Waterloo. I am double-majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies and English Literature and Rhetoric, with a minor in Women's Studies. Social equity is my main focus in these programs, but I am also interested in environmental issues and animal rights, as well as how these topics can be explored and advocated for through written, oral, and visual communication.
I'm looking forward to working for such a great department this year. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns by dropping in to the PACS office or by emailing me at I wish you all the best with your classes this term!