Assistant Professor

Anna Drake.Areas of specialization

Political theory (Contemporary Political Philosophy, Democratic Theory, Rights & Justice)

Gender & Politics (Feminist Theory, Justice & Gender)


BA (Waterloo), MA (Victoria), PhD (Queen's)

Anna Drake is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. She received her PhD at Queen's University in 2009. Her dissertation, now a manuscript titled Protest and Deliberative Democracy, critiques the standard inclusion framework of deliberative democracy and, in response, offers an account of deliberative democratic theory that recognizes why protest is normatively important and situates it within the theory without co-opting it.

Prior to joining Waterloo, Dr. Drake taught at the University of Victoria and at Queen’s University, where she was also a researcher at the Centre for Studies on Democracy and Diversity. Her current research examines the “empirical turn” in deliberative theory and, specifically, analyzes issues of inclusion, exclusion, and protest in deliberative mini-publics.

An additional research project on deliberative consociationalism, undertaken with Allison McCulloch at Brandon University, takes up the question of how to facilitate substantive inclusion in deeply divided societies.

Recent Publications

“Deliberating and Learning Contentious Issues: How Divided Societies Represent Conflict in History Textbooks.” Forthcoming 2013. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism 13 (3): 1-20. (Co-authored with Allison McCulloch.)

“Secularism, Religious Diversity, and Democratic Politics.” 2013. Secular States and Religious Diversity. Eds. Bruce Berman, Rajeev Bhargava, and André Laliberté. Vancouver: UBC Press, 293-309.

“Rawls.” 2012. The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Utilitarianism. Eds. James E. Crimmins and Douglas G. Long, 1-5. Continuum Press. (Co-authored with Margaret Moore.)

Locating Accountability: Conceptual and Categorical Challenges in the Literature. (PDF)” November 2012. Policy Report prepared for ENTWINED and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). pp. 8-63.

“Deliberative Consociationalism in Deeply Divided Societies.” 2011. Contemporary Political Theory 10 (3): 372-392. (Co-authored with Allison McCulloch.)

Contact information

Office: Hagey Hall 317
Phone: x45369

University of Waterloo

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