Reporting Structure & Organizational Charts

Positions Reporting to the Vice-President Academic and Provost

Associate Vice-Presidents

Academic (David DeVidi)
Acts as Advisor to the Vice-President Academic and Provost on Interdisciplinary Programs and is responsible for the implementation and coordination of academic department and undergraduate program reviews. He is responsible for the management of the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE), Writing and Communication Centre and the Centre for Extended Learning (CEL).

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism
(Christopher Taylor)
The Associate Vice-President provides leadership on policy and structural level equity issues to foster a supportive campus environment in which all students, faculty, and staff, irrespective of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, or ability can flourish, therein furthering the academic and public mission of the University.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (Jeff Casello)
Represents the interests and policies of Graduate Studies; chairs the Graduate Operations Committee; co-chairs the Senate Graduate and Research Council and Graduate Student Relations Committee; represents Graduate Studies on most University committees and is the University of Waterloo external representative for graduate affairs - Ontario Council on Graduate Studies (OCGS), Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS).

Indigenous Relations (Jean Becker)
More information to follow.

Innovation (Sanjeev Gill)
More information to follow.

Associate Provosts

Co-operative and Experiential Education (Norah McRae)
Responsible for the direction of Co-operative Education and Career Action, Work-Learn Institute, WatPD and EDGE.

Human Resources (Marilyn Thompson)
The Associate Provost, Human Resources (APHR) oversees the administration and long-term planning of all human resources, organizational and human development, and compensation activities and programs across the University. The APHR provides vision for university-wide initiatives and human resources leadership in service to UWaterloo's mission and plays a key role in strategic planning and decisions that will enable success through people.

Institutional Data, Analysis and Planning (Allan Starr)
The Associate Provost, Institutional Data, Analysis and Planning provides strategic oversight to a team of institutional research professionals in the provision of information and analysis to senior leadership of the University that informs decision-making, priority-setting, long-range planning, and policy development. Current Chair of the U15 Data Exchange, and Senior Member of the COU’s Council on University Planning & Analysis (CUPA).

Integrated Planning and Budgeting
(Jennifer Kieffer, Interim)

The Associate Provost, Integrated Planning and Budgeting works closely with the Vice-President, Academic and Provost in all aspects of budgeting and space planning. She is responsible for the management of the Space Planning Office

Students (Chris Read)
Responsible for the direction of Student Services, including Health Services, Counselling Services, Student Success Office, Housing, Retail Services, Food Services, and Athletics and Recreational Services.


Arts (Douglas Peers - acting Dean)
Engineering (Mary Wells)
Environment (Bruce Frayne)
Health (Lili Lui)
Mathematics (Mark Giesbrecht)
Science (Robert Lemieux)

Chief Information Officer

Information Systems and Technology (Bruce Campbell)

University Librarian

Library (Beth Namachchivaya)


Office of the Registrar (Catherine Newell Kelly)

University Legal Counsel

Legal and Immigration Services (Nickola Voegelin)