How do I apply for the Entrance Bursary?

For undergraduate applicants only

Helpful tips before you begin:

  • Read the instructions and important information carefully as you can only submit this application once.
  • When providing financial details, do not add a $ symbol or include commas in amounts over 1,000.00.
  • Have your parent(s) or spouse’s total income available before starting the application.
  • Use your parent(s) or spouse’s 2022 income (not 2021).
    • You can find their income on Line 15000 on their Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency, the working copy of their tax return or the gross income amounts on their T4 slips.
    • Your parent(s) combined income in 2022 must be less than $120,000. (Note: other criteria is used to assess a bursary and parent(s) income below $120,000 does not guarantee a bursary.)
    • Do not estimate their income.

  1. Sign in to Quest.
  2. Select the Entrance Bursary tile.
    Entrance Bursary tile
  3. Read through the eligibility criteria available on the Entrance Bursary website (see link within Quest). If you meet the eligibility criteria, answer the four qualifying questions and select Apply.
    eligibility to apply to the entrance bursary
  4. Fill out Student's Personal Information and Student's Financial Information sections and select Submit.
    student personal infomation
  5. Read through Declaration of Student, check box if you agree with the declaration and select Submit.
    Entrance bursary declaration