How do I accept (or decline) my Offer of Admission?

Important: Applicants who have applied through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) as a 101 or 105 student must accept their offer on the OUAC website; the ability to accept or decline in Quest does not apply.

Applicants who have been offered admission can view, save, and/or print their Offer of Admission in Quest. 

  1. Sign in to Quest.
  2. Select the Admissions tile.
    Admissions tile in quest 
  3. Under the Admissions section, select the program application you want to view.
    Applicaitons in applicant Quest
  4. Select the Accept/Decline button.
    Accept or decline offer in applicant Quest
  5. Select View Letter to open your Offer of Admission. Your letter will open in a separate window as a PDF document.
    1. To accept your Offer of Admission, select Accept.
      Accept offer in applicant Quest

      An acceptance message is displayed.
      Accept offer message in appplicant Quest
    2. To decline your Offer of Admission, select Decline.
      Decline offer in applicant Quest
      Your decline message is displayed.
      Decline offer message in applicant Quest