How do I remove my name from WatIAM publications?

You may choose not to publish your name, address, and other contact information in the public directory. Your birth date, student and employee identification numbers aren't published under any circumstance – that's private data held within WatIAM.

You should be mindful of "Official Student Email Address." It is important that you have an email address listed in WatIAM and that you regularly check mail received at that address. Please visit the IST web page official student email address for more information.

The mail forwarding requires (currently) that even those who don't wish to be published in the campus directory are still available as a very brief entry with the minimal information required for the mail forwarding, e.g., (username:j39smith).

Username and names are often available in other locations – Unix password files, Nexus, and ADS active directory, course mailing lists, and so on.

Update your WatIAM data

Visit The Centre and drop off a letter that includes the following information:

  • complete name
  • University of Waterloo Student ID Number
  • statement requesting that the Registrar's Office or Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs remove your name from WatIAM
  • your signature
  • date signed

The appropriate office will remove your name from WatIAM.

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