The CRC Program has set equity targets that our institution aims to reach (or exceed). To demonstrate our progress, regular updates are provided below. 

Designated group December 2019 Target Meeting 2019 Target?* December 2029 Targets
Women 27% Yes 51%
Persons with disabilities 4% Yes 8%
Members of visible minorities  15% Yes 22%
Indigenous Peoples 1%   4.9%**

* Note: The data is based on self-identification and include (as applicable):

  • Results of the survey of all active Chairholders as of December 20, 2019 conducted by the program in the Fall of 2019
  • All nominations submitted to the program up to the December 2019 deadline
  • Numbers less than five have been suppressed to protect the privacy of chairholders. For this reason, some Yes/Nos under the meeting target column have also been suppressed.

**subject to change based on consultation with Indigenous communities

A number of the measures the Canada Research Chairs Program has implemented to address the underrepresentation of individuals from the four designated groups (women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities) stem from a 2006 Canadian Human Rights Settlement Agreement. This agreement was reached between a group of eight academics who filed complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (the “Commission”) in 2003. In 2017, at the request of the complainants, the 2006 Settlement Agreement was made a federal court order because they considered that not enough progress had been made in addressing the underrepresentation in the Program in the 11 years since the agreement had been signed. In lieu of a federal court process, the Program entered into a collaborative mediation process with the complainants and the commission to come to an agreement on changes to the settlement agreement that would address the inequities within the Program in a systemic, structural and sustainable way. The 2019 Addendum to the 2006 Canadian Human Rights Settlement Agreement outlines the new terms of the agreement.

Please visit the CRC Program’s Equity and Diversity Targets and Program Statistics, for further details and Canada-wide data.

Date modified: May 2020