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Sarindra Andrianasolo (on secondment)

Grants and Contracts Manager, FANS (DG, USRA, CREATE, SPG)
Sarindra Andrianasolo
519-888-4567 x49104
Location: EC5 3043A

Ibi Brown

Manager, International Research & Partnerships
519-888-4567 x45884
Location: EC5 3011C

Regan Child

Grants and Contracts Manager
Regan Child
519-888-4567, ext. 41519
Location: EC5 3033F

Joanna Laurie Dixon Cleary

Research Coordinator
519-888-4567 x41052
Location: EC5 3043G

Leslie Copp

Director, FANS (CIHR Project Grants)
Leslie Copp
519-888-4567 x46040
Location: EC5 3053

Christina Kroeker

Senior Manager, FANS (SSHRC)
519-888-4567 x47123
Location: EC5 3043E

Sarah Lau

Senior Manager, Interdisciplinary and Health
Sarah Lau
519-888-4567 x41150
Location: EC5 3043F

Jen Marshall

Editorial and Proposal Development Officer
519-888-4567 x41580
Location: EC5 3033C

Kelley Moran

Senior Manager, FANS (NSERC Discovery Grants, RTI, GRF,RIF, and PromoScience)
519-888-4567 x47093
Location: EC5 3043D

Kira Neller

Grants and contracts manager
519-888-4567 ext. 42508
Location: EC5 3033B

Nadine Quehl

Senior Manager, Knowledge Mobilization and Partnerships
Nadine Quehl
519-888-4567 x46679

Lisa Sergovich

Grants and Contracts Manager, FANS (Non-Profits, NCEs, Genome Canada)
519-888-4567 x46033
Location: EC5 3043H

Amatul Shafi

Research Coordinator
(519) 888-4567, ext. x40164
Location: EC5 3011F

Victoria Lynn Tough

Research Coordinator
519-888-4567 x41071
Location: EC5 3043B