About Us

Research Finance consists of a team of Research Financial Analysts, Research Finance Training and Compliance Officers and Research Project Accountants who are dedicated to supporting researchers in the management and oversight of their research portfolio.

Research Financial Analysts (RFA)

  • Financial administration and management of research work orders, including budget setup, overhead commitments, processing invoices, sending payments to research sub-recipients, and resolving and closing research work orders 
  • External financial reporting, ensuring adherence to financial requirements and guidelines specified by the sponsor 
  • Monitoring of  outstanding research invoices and management of bad debt 
    • *bad debt expenses are the responsibility of the PI, department and/or faculty 
  • Completing sponsor specific financial audits  
  • RFA portfolios are divided by department/faculty to serve as one point of contact for researchers and departments

Research Training and Compliance Officers (RFTCO) 

  • Review of expense transactions to ensure adherence to financial requirements and guidelines of sponsor and University policies 
  • Internal reviews and/or audit of research transactions
  • Develop and deliver training to the research community on research financial compliance and processes 
  • Maintain, develop and improve on financial compliance tools to support the research community 
  • Manage delegation of the signing authority on research work orders

Research Project Accountants (RPA) 

  • Designated accountants whose responsibilities are a combination of the RFA and RFTCO roles with operational financial planning and management of the research project, including internal financial reporting, budget versus expense analysis, financial presentations, assistance in project forecasting, etc. 
  • Embedded within the project team for a better understanding of research and project requirements 
  • Liaison with support services on behalf of the research project and team 
  • Strong relationships with collaborating institutions and external research partners